Solar wire management clips & Hardware

Jun 20 , 2022

Solar wire management clips & Hardware

Bristar is PV brackets supplier with more than ten years of industry experience. We supply hardware for installation and pv module mounting structure. These components are a combination of standard mounting hardware and wiring clips. We are capable of supplying clips to your specifications. If you have a specific requirement, forward it to us and we will supply a proposal, and if requested, samples for testing.

Hardware you need for rooftop solar panel mounting structure

Roof mounting methods vary depending on the roof shape and substrate. Different techniques are necessary to securely mount to a pitched roof compared to a flat one, for instance, or an asphalt roof compared to a rubber one. Many variations are possible even within the same categories of systems. The hardware used varies slightly based on these factors, but the same general components are typically necessary:

*Rails: Metal support rails are commonly drilled into sloped roofs, although rail-less configurations are possible. The solar panels are then fastened to these rails rather than to the roof itself. Currently, the metal rails we supply are made from aluminum or Q235B.

*Bolts and Screws: Fasteners of all sorts provide critical functions for mounting panels to their supports and the supports to the roof.

*Clamps: Clamps are necessary for almost every solar panel arrangement, used to attach the panels to their specific support system. For regular roofsthe thickness of the panel determines the clip size. For the corrugated tin roof, the clamps used are determined by the shape of the roof.

*BR cable wire clips: These stainless steel clips secure the wiring in its optimal configuration, preventing damage to the electrical system.

Now, lets get more details about cable clips!

Description Of Solar Wire Management Clips

The solar cable clamp is a smart design used to fix the cable on the solar panel.

It is mainly placed on the roof or floor by means of fixtures.

The cable clamp is made of stainless steel SUS304, so it is corrosion-resistant, durable and reliable in all environments.
The design is easy to install and can be reused.
The Bristar cable clamp arrangement provides a variety of installation solutions. Special customized production can be made according to requirements.




Natural silver


500pcs in a bag


Corrosion-resistant, durable and reliable



Parameters Of BR Cable wire clips

Eight Reasons to choose us

  1. Made in China
  2. Pricing / Samples Available
  3. Rolled Outer Edge Eliminates Chaffing
  4. Made from SUS304
  5. Inventory Availability / Quick Turnaround
  6. Scheduled / Blanket Orders Welcome
  7. Ease of Installation
  8. Design Flexibility

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